Saturday, September 15, 2012

pumpkins, lemons, lemonade

I don't want to be a blogger who only posts projects that come out as planned.  I believe that pobody is nerfect.  So I'm showing these adjacent quilt blocks.  Notice  My intent was to stipple around the pumpkins so that after washing they would 'poof' up.  I guess it's a case of not seeing the forest for the trees when I began stitching inside the pumpkin outline on the top pumpkin.  So instead of ripping it out, I though I'd continue and let this particular pumpkin be a little know, like real pumpkins in a patch aren't all alike.  I guess you could say I made lemonade out of the lemon/pumpkin square.  Hum-m-m....lemon pumpkin squares sounds like something I might find in my recipe box.  
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Friday, September 7, 2012

pumpkin puffs

I'm doing some small stippling stitches around the pumpkin outline, making them puffy.  Hopefully they'll puff even more after the quilt is washed.  I chose a low loft batting so the finished quilt wouldn't be too heavy for Alannah.  Seven pumpkins are finished with eight to go.  Then I can cut the plaid binding and have the quilt finished soon.  I'm finally getting the hang of free motion quilting on my Janome machine (which I love)!   
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Halloween "Boo" quilt

Blogger is acting up (it might be me), so I haven't posted in a week...but I have been quilting.  Right now I'm working on the Halloween "Boo" quilt for my granddaughter.  She'll be 5 this October and I hope that she grows to like Halloween as much as her Mommy and I do.  I'm using 'stitch in the ditch' as the square outline and later I'll add pumpkins in the center of the orange squares.  I'm still getting used to my Janome machine...I love it more every time I use it.  I actually started pieceing this top last October after I picked up the black and orange "Boo" fabric.  So it has been an UFO for awhile.  Thanks to Leah Day at for nudging me into finishing it.