Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tula Pink Modern Block 27

I love the smoky, dusky soothing...and the block has only 8 pieces! 
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Tula Pink Modern Block 26

...from Tula Pink's "100 Modern Quilt Blocks" book...block #26.  I've never been much of a 'pink' kind of person.  But I think I'm warming up to it quite a bit now. 
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Tula Pink Modern Block 25

I've been working my way through Tula Pink's "100 Modern Quilt Blocks"....and I'm lovin' it!  I'll post blocks 1-24 a little later.  My precious machine was in the shop for awhile but I'm finally caught up with other quilters who are posting their blocks at    
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Monday, July 22, 2013

conversations with Self

While pulling fabrics from my stash, there are conversations with Self.  They are befuddling to say the least.  Self has a better color eye than I do.  I pull the brownish leafy fabric and I like it.  But Self says "Nope.  Check out pretty dark swirly that you have been FOREVER."  I say "Fine" and think that it will never match.  But deep inside I know that fabrics don't always have to match....they just have to 'go'.  So I pull the dark swirly.  And, you know, Self was right.  I need to listen to Self. 
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